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Work/Life Balance

Members (2017-2018)

Beth Wells – Chair
Office of the Provost

Allison Jones
Division of Professional Studies

Ashley Waters
Shady Grove

Dave Lucadamo
Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology

Jessica Lambert
Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation

Mark Cather

Marlayna Demond
Office of Institutional Advancement

Natalie Brianas
Office of Institutional Advancement

Ki So
The Hilltop Institute

Sarah L Hansen
Office of Institutional Advancement

The purpose of the ad-hoc committee on Work-Life Balance (WLB) is to explore fully the ways in which the PSS can collaborate with other UMBC stakeholders to understand the WLB needs of professional staff, and to identify and implement solutions at all levels of the institution that enhance and support opportunities for work-life balance for UMBC professional staff.


Alternative Work Arrangements for Work Life Balance

Alternative Work Arrangement FAQs

Alternative Work Arrangement Examples